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David Krieger, Esq.

David is an experienced and passionate consumer bankruptcy, foreclosure solutions, consumer litigation and debt & credit management attorney. David has represented 10’s of 1000’s of consumers over the last 20+ years and has consistently provided exceptional results to his clients.  Krieger offers hope and tangible relief to financially ailing Nevada clients, allowing them to avoid devastating losses, and get a fresh start on their lives.

David grew up in New York City, NY until high school when his family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. “I really loved Albuquerque and growing up at the base of the Sandia Peaks.  It really gave me a broader perspective on two opposite ends of the world and I think that’s helped me serve my clients in my legal career.”  David grew up in a 90 year old domestic clothing manufacturing business, which became insolvent in the late 1990’s. “Watching my family business – which I worked in as a child – go out of business was heart-breaking, but I was impressed at how our attorneys helped my family navigate through the storm and manage my parent’s stresses.”

“I understand and empathize with my clients’ predicaments.  I have been through stressful financial times and bankruptcies with my family members, friends, and a 90+ year old family business.  I have directed my extensive personal and business experiences to use the legal system to help my clients hold on to their assets, dignity, and sanity,” says Krieger, who has saved thousands of homes in Las Vegas from foreclosure and helped clients discharge Billions in personal debt. “Everyone’s financial situation is unique. My philosophy is ‘help good people through bad times’”.

After founding his first law firm in 2004, David founded Krieger Law Group, LLC in 2020 along with Nevada Bankruptcy Attorneys, LLC (based in Las Vegas, NV). Since starting his legal practice, he has represented tens of 1000’s of consumers over the last 20+ years in chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy and has also assisted 1000’s of clients in foreclosure mediations, foreclosure defense, the Chapter 13 Mortgage Mediation Modification Program (in which he helped write the original program rules in Las Vegas), consumer class actions, and consumer litigation (under various federal and state consumer protection laws).

Since law school, David has become a preeminent consumer bankruptcy attorney.  Having helped thousands of Nevdans during difficult times, he is on a self-proclaimed mission to turn the downward economy into an upward trend – at least as far as protecting people’s money and saving people’s homes is concerned. He offers hope and tangible relief to financially ailing clients, allowing them to avoid devastating losses, and get a fresh start on their lives, while carrying on his family traditions.

“I understand and empathize with my clients.  I have witnessed the stresses of financial times in my own home and family…I like to think I use the legal system to help clients hold on to their assets, dignity, and sanity,” says Krieger, who has saved thousands of homes in Las Vegas from foreclosure and discharge billions of debt. “I appreciate that everyone’s financial situation is unique. My philosophy is ‘help good people through bad times’, which is second to what my grandfather taught me:  ‘Make every client feel like your only client’.  I try to live by his words everyday.”

During the 2008 financial collapse David managed one of the largest consumer bankruptcy firms in the United States, assisting over 20,000 consumers saving their homes and restructuring debt in Chapter 13, 11 and 7 bankruptcy.  After the housing collapse stabilized, David created and managed one of the largest consumer litigation law firms in the United States from 2013-present. He attributes much of these successes to listening to his clients.  “It always surprises me that once most attorneys file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy for their clients, a lot of clients don’t know that they can protect themselves against continued collection harassment and damaging credit reporting, which the Bankruptcy should have stopped.  I truly enjoy ensuring my clients get the complete benefit of their ‘fresh start’, and I am not afraid of suing creditors who disregard all the sacrifices my clients endure to get their financial lives back on track.”  It’s unsurprising, David has subsequently assisted 1,000’s more clients with credit reporting, mortgage, debt collection, and robocall/abuse issues; and litigated dozens of class action matters which resulted in millions recovered by his clients.

David is also “Cohort” in the Harvard Business School Analytics Program (HBAP), where he has gained valuable experiences and knowledge to increase his client’s satisfaction, further help his client’s more efficiently work through and manage their credit issues and provide advanced learning tools and education that few companies can deliver.  “The HBAP program has really given me a chance to learn from some of the most talented business professionals in the world.  I am delivering back all I learn to make my client’s journey stress-free and at a lower cost; and with more self-empowerment that every consumer law firm should deliver. I don’t ever feel like I have done my job unless I deliver more value to each client than they expect.”

David also completed his B.A. degree in Art History and Philosophy from New York University and then graduated from Rutgers Law School – Newark, where he earned his Juris Doctorate, while also acting as Editor in Chief of the Rutger’s Bankruptcy Law Journal (currently the Rutger’s Business Law Review). “I developed a passion for bankruptcy and its incredible benefits. Having been through an experience with my family business, it feels natural to apply my personal experiences to my life’s work for my clients.”

Matthew I. Knepper, Esq.

Before founding Knepper & Clark, Matt was a litigator at an AmLaw 100 firm where he primarily defended Fortune 500 financial institutions in actions brought under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and for violations of the discharge injunction under the Bankruptcy Code.

In 2016, Matt decided to represent consumers against unfair debt collectors, inaccurate credit reporting, data breaches, and unwanted calls and texts. Since then, Matt has represented hundreds of consumer clients against creditors in federal bankruptcy courts, federal trial courts, and in state courts.

Matt is no stranger to the federal courts in Nevada.  He was a judicial law clerk to United States District Judges Andrew P. Gordon and Jennifer A. Dorsey,  and United States Bankruptcy Judges Mike K. Nakagawa and Bruce A. Markell (Ret.).  Matt earned his juris doctorate at the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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